Not known Factual Statements About creepy youtube channels

If this video clip was just exhibiting a person who truly wanted to audition for a job inside the Broadway musical Cats, it definitely would not be that poor. But another time, YouTube has performed the host for an additional freaky fetish convention, this time, the yiffs.

” Other individuals have in contrast the video clips to numbers stations. Nevertheless Other folks have prompt that the channel is some form of take a look at, for either YouTube or a third-occasion person. But that theory doesn’t describe the anomalies, the videos that seem to appear at random and with no warning.

What other video clip series creep you out? Do you might have any Reminiscences from the sequence demonstrated appropriate listed here? What are your preferred creepiest things over the internet?

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Once i at first noticed Shaye Saint John, my Original response was, “No. Just no.” These videos are pretty probably the strangest things that I’ve at any time observed in my lifetime, and it’s not a great deal of the storyline on the video clips (there seriously isn’t one), it’s how These are done.

Over time, the Toy Freaks channel arrived to concentrate on gross-out videos showcasing Odd food items and simulated vomiting.

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This kid started out website earning definitely outstanding (and Unusual) food assessments in 2011. What started out as a crucial report on energy beverages expanded to cover quick food stuff, junk food stuff, and candy inside of a handful of months. 

plus some generic / inventory photographs, so if a person wants to, it is achievable to hear it as 1 would a podcast. With regards to the subject material, it is usually relevant to studies of paranormal episodes of varied types, ranging from UFO/UAP to bigfoot and ghosts. The

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The seventy seven,000 or so video clips have all been uploaded by an account known as "Webdriver Torso", and also the hunt for his or her creator – and goal – has entranced the web for each week.

I checked my channel right before university the following early morning. For many rationale, it had been exploding with exercise. Each and every time I clicked the refresh button, the most recent upload on my channel experienced 100 new sights.

What doable reason do these stations provide? “This method is totally secure since the messages can’t be tracked, the recipient here may be anywhere,” says Akin Fernandez, the creator of your Conet Job, a comprehensive archive of your phenomenon of figures stations.

Wilson’s tackle The story is surely an Just about intolerable, unbelievably troublesome, and disturbing caricature of the initial. The quick features a grotesque Patrick and menacing, woman Spongebob bothersome their neighbor Squidward (who is particularly deformed) until he kills himself.

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